That One Night

A night ride is a feeling that shouldn’t be added to any bucket list; rather, it is an instant craving that should be satisfied. But sometimes, it just remains with one of the things added up to the bucket list that fades away with time.

This might seem like a silly thought, but it indeed is a boundless desire for any girl. Time changes and so does everything else. There are no wishes unfulfilled. But it still remains untouched for many. So was I, one of them, who never tasted that one desire of a night ride. It always gave a really good feeling, to explore those few moments in the dark, as the air touches the hair. Night rides usually happened to be a family travel diary, not for any instant midnight ride, but traveling to a relatives house or any functions. In that way, night rides were always sleepy ones.

Then it happened. The most involved part of your life, where you are always you. Friends! They are a kind, where, you always really don’t have to know a person for the longest or over a decade to know them better. The value and respect for and in knowing each other lies the ultimate bond in friendship. And so do they realize what you are and who you are. There began my journey of being independent. You’re pushed into any situation to stand alone. But that one thing that pushes you forward is the courage and trust inculcated in yourself and knowing your support system being right behind you.

A day spent with your best ones. And they ask you one thing you would want to fulfill. The answer to that question was instant but the reply did not have any answers, “go to sleep” or “it’s late at night”. All that happened was actions are the loudest than words. My first, night ride!

The thought about it still gives me the feeling that I had felt. People say any wish fulfilled can change your thoughts about life itself. And it happened to me. As we moved through the silent road, every bit of the air that touched my skin was talking to me. The loosened hair that flew in the cold breeze. I could feel the moment of freedom I gave to my hair, which I always had tied up.

Then did the thought arise. It takes various instants for people to realize or make choices in life. And, for me, this was that one instant. It was just a small wish I had hidden up for a long time and so was it my own decision. If I’m the one to decide whether to tie up my hair or loosen it, then I am the one to decide my choice of freedom, to decide my choice of life.

It was indeed that one night. “The night, I realized, my freedom lies in the choice I make.”

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