The Cradle Of Every Creation

The rhythmic movement of trees,

With canopies and twigs wavering in the breeze,

Some sparkling yellow-ochre leaves,

Detaching from the branches signifying transition,

Embellishing the path, rustling and generating beats,

Roots armoring the conifer with strength,

To Tall cedars looping down for bestowing a shed,

Water transpiring in veins,

And lilies blooming in orchards,

Dandelions bequeathing scent,

Drizzles descending in the lap of earth,

And Sapling budding in its womb,

A farmer plowing the region for grain,

And crops waving in the air,

The prairie’s shimmering in terrain,

A smile that blossoms in the firmament,

As a sequence of hues in a half-circular manner,

Exhibiting vibrant colors and enchanting the mind,

Rejuvenating the bits and ounces of  every element,

Serving as the veil of the sky, masking the clouds,

The chirping of cuckoos, radiating beams of the sun,

Petrichor arising from the earth and cedars pulsating in the wind,

The chorus of nature originating from its element and creature,

The cradle of every creation from a moth to Homosapien,

Conferring unfathomable love and compassion.

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