The Curse of Ellery

Graphic by Tejal Kawachi

I was always perceived as the envoy of malice; ostracised by everyone and even berated by my own family because I was the child of a prophecy. Unlike everyone else, I was the only one that had to fear my ‘gift’. However, I never felt the true gravity of my situation, until their death. As I took the faces, the stature, the voice, and everything from the people, they slowly vanished from the face of the earth. And the worst part about this unusual murder spree was the fact that I couldn’t have stopped it right at the beginning. I belonged to the great Ellery family, who were well known for their shapeshifting gifts. They were both feared and respected for they were the sole family that could take on the human form. Any human that they saw, they replicated to the last strand of hair. There were other groups that could shapeshift too, however, they weren’t elite like us as the best they could do was animals.

‘Great’ is quite the term for a namesake family. I don’t think they favor me, and the feeling is mutual. It is not that I am a bastard or lack shapeshifting skills. In fact, I am almost sure that I am the best at it. But, the reason for this uneasy tension is my curse. Some day in June, a few years before my birth, the family psychic told my great grandfather Edward Ellery that a child would be born in the opposite direction.

It didn’t make sense to them until I was born. That day no clouds were accompanying a thunderstorm, and the blustery winds were howling as if to say that they were frightened. The psychic reappeared to explain what she truly meant, “He is the one whose gift must remain unused,” she hissed. “I see it clear as day now; the instance he uses it, he will defile the family’s reputation bringing death upon the masses, and nothing can stop him except a connection with a certain mortal”. Her words caused a stir of hysteria. And my ‘family’ tirelessly worked to ensure that I never used my gift or, as they like to call it,’ My curse’. I was locked away in a room. Thrown to the sidewalks and treated like an untouchable. I never knew the meaning of a blissful childhood. Freedom was an alien world, and leaving the confinements of this tiny room was a dream. 

Enedina was the only friend I had. Unlike the rest of the family, she was just a mere mortal who would fearlessly sneak out of her garden chambers to meet me. Being the only one to show affection towards me, she quickly became close to my heart. I did not have anything to offer in return. Her company distracted me, and the sweet melodious voice that left her mouth never failed to bewitch me. She was a free soul trapped in her world, albeit it did seem better than mine. From what I gathered, she loved traveling, and one of her many dreams was to travel the world with me. I did promise myself that I’d take her wherever she wanted to go when I grew older. Alas, this remained a dream for both of us.

Enedina, just like her name, was soulful and lively. I’d always felt at ease around her. But, my curse was bound to take effect someday. I still remember how she was gone within seconds. Her shrill screams abruptly perished as her lump body fell on the bed. The doors flung open, and I was pulled out of my room for the first time in forever. I caught a slight glimpse in the mirror while being dragged out and screamed in horror.

My curse had come to life. I took her form, and as the prophet had said, I took her life. 

 “She’s gone,” was the only thing I muttered for days while I was locked in this prison-like confinement. I made a couple of human friends, and they all met the same fate. At this point, I was aware that I’d only be a ‘murder machine’ if they let me out. A couple of days later, my uncle revealed the family’s ploy, saying that all their trials were nothing but failed attempts to save me from the inevitable. They were aware of all the humans that I met. And all they hoped was that I’d form a connection with one of them to end this curse. My friends were just lab rats for my family’s experiment. Enedina was a lab rat for these filthy vermin. I saw red and did something that I proudly claim, ‘I butchered my entire family.’ As I saw each of them fight for their life, I monstrously howled in relief and excitement. I could feel the adrenaline rush, and then I realized something. I enjoyed killing, and so for years after my family’s untimely yet necessary demise, I plagued the mortal land; Heaps of bodies are still located all over the city, and the law enforcement is in a frenzy. However, I am not quite satisfied yet. I patiently await the day when I get to face the man I detest the most, the Maestro of this orchestra, Edward Ellery. You see, my name is Abel, and I am the curse of Ellery.

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4 thoughts on “The Curse of Ellery

  1. Joshua

    A really amazing story. It had my attention from the start all the way to the end. Hope to see more lovely stories like this 🙂


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