The Dawn After I Faded Away

Graphic by Madhavi Verma

My sister is silent;
running through random pages
of novels which I had never read.
As if looking for me.
The page flickers against
Her hand; struggling, not to turn.
As if bidding adieu.

Father is sitting! On the sofa,
Which I picked against his choice.
While my mother gazes,
Outside the balcony –
Deep into the unknown horizon:
searching for answers…

My share’s tea is left – unattended.
Like my being; lying –
in the middle of the room, cold.
Waiting for myself, like others:
Thinking it’s just another prank!
Not very funny – as usual.

She is calling, constantly!
Texting, sending voice memos.
She would never let me go.
We were in love; still are.

Years of contempt
Lies – still and hush;
Amidst the room, its own people.
All of it is lost,
even the hatred.

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