The Immortal

Graphic by Aarathi K G

It was a cloudy night, the dark clouds covered the sky, and not a single star was at sight. The trees shook their branches, dancing in anticipation of the upcoming storm. We were heading speedily towards the unfinished building where Steve was held at ransom. He had dark brown eyes which complimented his blond hair, moderately built physique, charismatic personality and for most of the part, he was a very conceited person. He wasn’t exactly muscular but wasn’t frail-looking either, there was an air of retired strength, a graceful strength that showed in his balance, the way he held himself, the way he walked. Our hearts were beating at an alarming rate because we had a tidy sum of money in the backseat of our car. We kept moving further ahead agitated and nervous until we saw a small spark of light in the 8 storeyed cement structure. The word had already spread like wildfire and somehow came to the attention of the cops. It was during the latter stages we learned that our neighbors were behind the rumors when Lucas spotted a small source of illumination behind the dense trees. Although the vehicle seemed vague but familiar, we could recognize the flashers and hurriedly made our way to the building.

The air was cold and suspenseful, we moved closer towards the goons to hand over the bag. No sooner did the policemen barge in and command everyone in the room to raise their hands. The officer walked in our direction, his bold steps echoed the entire place chilling our bones. The main thug attempted to fire the bullet, he broke the silence in the room and ran towards the rooftop. Meanwhile, the policemen got into a fight with the other goons and we quickly released Steve from the pole and made our way out. The three of us hastily ran towards the basement and started the engine. We noticed Daniel, our neighbor, standing close to a familiar car. He had quite a dark past which was usually masked with his superiority complex. Nobody cared to cross his path, for he was as cunning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buffalo, and as reckless as a wounded elephant. He was gasping for breath and gripping onto an identical bag we had given to the thugs. Daniel looked bewildered and troubled, he walked up to us with a disappointed face and confronted us coldly that during the fight, he had accidentally pushed Louis, the main thug, from the rooftop, what surprised us is that he never reached down. Although, everyone wanted to believe that he was dead.

Two years later, an uninvited guest showed up, he was built strongly with broad shoulders, crisp jawline, and threatening eyes. He looked exactly like Louis. Our eyes grew bigger, hearts stopped, and felt like the world came to an end. He didn’t utter a word and walked into our house like it was his own. But this time, he was more calm, settled, and less perturbed. Steve mustered up the courage and decided to clarify the events that befell during that night and explained to him that it was completely circumstantial. Louis sounded veritably unbothered to his explanations and was very relaxed. It was then Lucas suspected that he was an amnesiac. He was a compact, clearcut man, with precise features, a lot of very soft black hair, and thoughtful dark brown eyes. He had a look of wariness, which could change when he felt relaxed or happy, which was not often in these difficult days, into a smile of amused friendliness and pleasure which aroused feelings of warmth, and something more, in many women. He was witty, rebellious, and possessed a god-like knowledge of everyone and everything. Louis seemed comfortable and decided to spend the night at our place. The three of us were reiterating the situation for some clarity, reliving that entire night and wondering how he appeared out of nowhere. Louis no way indicated signs of leaving anytime soon and spent the coming day at our place yet again. Lucas suggested that we abandon him in the same place where he was mistaken for dead. We all mutually agreed and waited for the night to fall. 

The next morning, we drove ourselves along with Louis to the same place where he was allegedly pushed from the top of the building. I convinced him to tag along by tricking him into believing that we were going on a holiday, and leaving him all by himself at home did not sound like a pleasing idea. It was four in the morning, the sun dawned upon the thick forest and something about the air was not right. We drove through the forest wishing to see the light of hope show some compassion on us at the end of this thickening. After a long hour of journey, we reached the destination. Lucas and Steve got out of the car and I drove down to the basement. There was a middle-aged man seated next to security, he was bold, tall, and had prosthetic legs. The security stopped my car and demanded to get down. I looked closer to recognize the familiar face of the handicapped. It was Louis!!! I walked towards him to confirm the face, no sooner did he recognize, and began to explain that he survived the fall and the man standing next to him was his identical brother, Logan, who is suffering from amnesia. 

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