The Journey to Destination

Graphic by Hemakshi Vaswani

I’m tired of passing by
The plains that I love, 
The forest that hides the doves, 
The mountains that’s never been shoved, 
And the deserts that make me fall in love. 
Everything is beautiful to watch
But passing them by
Makes me scorn. 

I fell in love with the sunrise, 
But the sunset is what I crave for. 
I love to see the fireflies twinkle, 
But it’s the spell of butterflies that I would love to sprinkle. 
My fondness for rainbows gives me a feeling of warmth, 
But what I adore the most is the moon and stars and the lights in the north. 

I seldom follow the rule of moving on, 
holding on to it a little more;
Appreciating the beauty of dusk and dawn. 
But I know I can’t stay forever in a place, 
The river reminds me of it;
Which flows through the streams of extreme beauty, 
But never arrests itself, 
As it knows it has a destination to make. 
And so do I. 

So, I pack my bag with hope and enthusiasm, 
That I would see something more enchanting than the view at this moment;
And I leave the place, 
To continue my journey of life. 
I fail. I fall. But I stand up again, 
And face the journey trail, 
Through all the ups and downs that sometimes makes me look frail. 
But I persist in the journey of life, 
And I survived this marathon strife. 

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