The Little Things

It was a pleasant evening at Dehradun, the sky turned orange and the cool winds started to blow as the excitement in the Mehra family grew. Ryan Mehra belonged to a middle class family and being the only child of his parents, he was showered with enough love.

Meanwhile at Neeti’s house things were not as calm as Ryan’s. “Oh mom not again! I don’t want to marry some stranger only to spend the rest of my life imprisoned for killing him over petty issues!” I retorted angrily at my super excited mother.

“Trust me, he isn’t a stranger.” She said with a wink! It took me an hour and a few miles’ drive away from home to figure out that it was my neighbor with whom my parents have set me up for marriage! That day I saw him nervous for the first time, yet so calm.

His stubble made him look dashing and I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of him every now and then in between our conversations. I almost had a teeny tiny crush on him before even starting the conversation. We had been sharing a common locality since kindergarten. He was always known for his sweet gestures among adults. Everyone including my parents had always liked him.

It’s been an hour since we met and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The ambience of the restaurant feels great with its dim yet bright lighting, the aroma of delicious food all over the place and peaceful music in the background had been complementing our conversation pretty well.

“What do you mean you understand?” exclaimed Neeti in total disbelief. “I understand what you said. It’s okay to have your own perceptions about marriage and love. I am comfortable with it.” I replied calmly.

“Listen Mister! Even if we get married don’t expect me to be changing my views about love okay? I’ve had enough bitter experiences already.” She said while tucking a strand of hair behind her left ear. She was looking strikingly gorgeous in her ocean green kurti paired up with big silver jhumkas. Her mascara complemented her big eyes. Oh lord, she’s so beautiful!

I can’t believe my parents set me up with my childhood crush for marriage..I had been dreaming about her since the summer of grade six. I still remember how every evening she would come out of her house with her Husky to walk him.

Being neighbors we became good friends, but for me she was too beautiful to be just a good friend. I never really approached her upfront, but now, destiny has played its part! My dreams are finally coming true!

Thank you arrange marriage customs because wooing her was totally not my cup of tea, at least in this life.

“Just calm down, let’s be good friends first and see how it goes?” I said calmly though I wanted to scream how much I love her already. She smiled a bit and then we went back to our houses.

It was difficult for me at first to accept her as just a friend, but I knew it was a lot more difficult for her to let go of her beliefs and not live according to herself.

Present day, Neeti sat on the sofa with her personal diary and a pen to write today’s entry.

Dear Diary,

It has been 2 months since our wedding and all I can do is adore this man! Today he made tea and cooked breakfast for me because I was in pain due to my menstrual cycle, he didn’t let me do anything all day and also took a day off from work.. I never told him this but I think I have started falling for him now, maybe.

Maybe I have started getting more comfortable, we have become best of friends and we share almost anything and everything with each other without any fear of judgement.

He was totally cool when I told him that I am not a virgin (though I am, I just wanted to see his reaction). He’s sleeping right next to me like a baby, all tired from work…oh, his hand just touched my waist. It felt great, his touch on me. I feel cherished every time he looks at me . I don’t know what love is yet, I do not believe in the worldly perceptions or what the books have to say about it. For me, he’s love.

Till we meet again tomorrow.

Love, Neeti.

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76 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. s.h.

    a refreshing take on arranged marriage, though I would have loved some more detail of the developing love – what made her look at him differently? what reminds him of their childhood together, when did his feelings first surface? but there is definitely potential and especially Neeti’s character is very well shown. keep it up!


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