The Man in the Shade

I was returning home,

From my second home,

I used to study at a library,

Psychology was my major

I walked in the streets,

I kept looking at my feet, 

The lights in front were gone,

The house on the side had a lawn

The man in the shade,

Was looking my way,

Yet when the lights switched on,

The man was just gone

I continued the walk to home,

But I felt it in all my bones,

Shivers as I put one step,

Then the next, then the next

As I walked into the house,

My heart slowed down.

The shivers were gone;

I was finally home

But the next day, it happened again,

The shade appeared and went away.

I grew so vary of the dark,

That I avoided that marked area, 

I never saw them again,

Neither dim lights or shadiness

But one day I was coming early,

The sun had not yet set,

And that’s the day I came face to face,

With the man I had not met

He was standing under the light

Where I used to cross by

He had a cigar in his hand

His face signified pretence

‘Do you stand here at night?’ I asked him,

He nodded his short head,

‘Why, do you love the darkness?’

His coy smile made sense

As I talked to him further, I discovered

that the owner of the villa,

has mountains of money,

And once had a honey

He stands in the darkness,

To wash away his love,

He cries with the cigar in his hand,

He’s not a ghost, just broken by love

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