The nature’s creation

Standing over the craggy cliff,

And admiring the ocean full of skiffs.

Her blue horizon meets the cobalt sky.

My gazing sky turned midnight blue

Like a large hand threw 

Diamond dust in the void sky,

The stars glimmered and glistered from far.

Peaking through the blanket of stars appears the moon 

Resonating echoes, it sleeps with Endymion.

Further above the moon lies the orion,

Brightly coloured, these are the star’s birth regions.

The gas and the dust are contracting,

And new bright stars are originating.

Massive star, red supergiant and finally the supernova,

Like a halcyon it stays,

Bends all the light rays.

It holds a tenebrous nature,

As it pulls all the rovers closer.

I cherish the nature’s creation

The way it has laid its foundation.

It is a world that sing voiceless songs

And planets revolving from dusk till dawn.

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