The Ocean of my Memories

Was it just me, or my eyes had it coming,
the ocean of tears your memories brought me.
I still remember the first time you held my hand,
it felt like an ocean full of euphoria.
When I looked in your eyes,
I just wanted to dive into their enigmas.
When I hugged you – dear daughter,
the world slowed down.
When I kissed you,
I made a promise,
that you are my responsibility.
But dear daughter,
Why did you leave your old daddy alone?
Those doctors, behind the masks,
tried all they could to save you.
But who knew,
the demons of this virus,
had already done their job.
They did this to you!
My little angel is no more,
My daughter that once stood the strongest of storms,
is now silent as the grave.
Dear daughter,
when your daddy first held you,
He started a never-ending love story.
that taught him,
what first love is,
what responsibility is,
what trust is,
but most importantly,
it taught him how to live.
With love comes pain,
that creates a never-ending ocean full of memories,
that is majestic and legendary.

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