The Pretence of Summer

Tannin’ on the beach beneath the sun,
sippin’ on the coconut of fabrication,
holding hands, beholding
the last ray seeping into the blue.

Keepin’ the fireplace inky, for
the flames of those bonfires
still sabotage my tranquility,
scorching heat; barbecuing my spirit,
hanging fire for gale not quite satiric.

Waiting till the darkness follow
and complements the cool breeze, embracing
me through the window sills.
Fondlin’ my soul; evokin’ thy caress.

Screams, squalls, salacious sudor; sparkling
above like diamonds, cues of you,
souvenirs of my shatter.

I see you, I see thy darkness
through the moon that shines so bright.
I see you, I see thy tenebrosity
through the glittering stars
that fill me up with the snugs
before the chilly nights follow.

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