This Story is about a boy named Jack and his evil powers. Jack was a very young and handsome guy. He was full of energy and enthusiasm, like every teenage boy. He was in love with Bella. Bella was a beautiful Irish girl. She lived in the village next to Jack’s village. 

Their villages were connected by a dense forest. But no one visited the forest. It was said that the forest is home to evil powers. Old people in the village often talk about the story of a witch residing in the forest. She killed a lot of children in the past and only feeds on the children’s blood. Every year the old people warned villagers about the witch and asked them to not visit the forest. The witch in the forest was very old and her body was getting weaker. But she has been cursed, and she will not be able to die until she has passed on her evil powers to someone else, who will also acquire her magical hat.

One day Jack was working in the field. He was missing Bella a lot. He wanted to visit her but he had a lot of work in the field. Going to Bella’s village took him 2 hours through the road but it was just a 20-minute-long trek through the forest. Jack was not having enough time to go through the road. So, he dropped the idea.

It was midnight, Jack was still thinking about Bella. He was so eager to meet her that he chose to go through the forest. Without any second thought, he got up from his bed and started walking towards the forest. He was a little hesitant as he remembered all the stories about the witch in the forest. But ignoring it all, he kept walking. It was so dark and all he could hear was his heavy breath and the occasional sound of buzzing cicadas. 

Walking through the forest he sees a beautiful castle. It was decorated with lamps and flowers. As he went close to the castle, he could see people dancing and enjoying their drinks. He was watching it like a movie and suddenly he saw someone waving to him. Unconsciously, he waved back and the beautiful lady started moving towards him. She groped his hand and took him inside the castle. Jack forgot about everything and was lost in the beauty of the castle. The lady offered him a drink. As he sipped from the glass, the castle disappeared. There was no one, just an ugly old woman standing in front of him and laughing. Jack threw the glass and out of fear started running, but his body was not moving anywhere. The witch laughed more intensely and said, “Thank you, Jack!”

She told him about the illusion she created to trap him. Now that he had the drink of evilness, she can die peacefully. Unknowingly, Jack received all the evil powers. The old witch soon turned into ashes but her magical hat was lying in the bushes. Jack took the hat and went back to his home.

The next morning, Jack woke up and went shouting in the village about his bravery. He told everyone that he went inside the forest and burnt the house of the witch and she is no more and they can now visit the forest. They were surprised. No one believed him, but he asked everyone to follow him to the place where he burnt the witch. They followed him and went inside the forest. There was a pile of ashes and a burnt house in the forest. They were amazed and happy. They were overwhelmed with joy and happiness. They all started sloganeering Jack’s name. Everyone believed that Jack was a superhero. Because only a superhero could kill the witch.

People believed in Jack more than anything else. Jack used his superpowers to do magic tricks that made the belief of villagers stronger with every passing day. One day a lion entered the village and everyone started screaming Jack’s name for help. Jack came and just moved his finger towards the lion and it ran away. That’s how he won the trust of villagers.

People started visiting the forest to collect wood and fruits. It was all going well. But after a week, one of the villagers was running in the village, crying and screaming at midnight. When asked, he said that he couldn’t find his 10 years old son. Everyone rushed towards Superhero Jack’s home. But Jack was not there. Everyone was waiting for him outside his home.

In the morning, Jack came back and he got afraid after seeing all the villagers standing outside his home. He moved towards them and asked about the matter. The poor villager told him about the incident. Before anyone could ask him where he was, He rushed to the forest and said he’d find his son. After 3 hours, he came back and said that the child was no more and was killed by the lion. Further, he told everyone that he has killed the lion and no more deaths will be taking place.

People believed him and went back to their homes. But, next week again a child went missing at midnight. This time, Jack blamed a hyena for the death. He reassured the villagers that he will protect all the villagers from the wild animals. People again believed him and went back to their homes. But next week again, a child went missing. An Old man was able to sense something wrong. The wild animals never visited their forest and it was hard to believe that the animals were just attacking children. He was not convinced with Jack.

But when a cascade of death began, everyone started feeling that it was not about animals and someone else is responsible for this. The villagers lighted lamps all across the village to scare off the animals. But once again, one more child went missing. Villagers headed towards the forest to find the child and they were amazed to see all the dead bodies of children lying in bushes. All the flesh of their body was present there. It made them think that an animal cannot do this. Again, Jack was missing from the place. The old man called a secret meeting, and all the heads of the family were invited.

The Old man started telling the story of the witch again. All of the people started shouting that they have heard it hundreds of times and Jack has already killed the witch. The old man said, “I know that all of you remember this story but you forgot the complete story. I always mentioned that the witch feeds on Children’s blood and it can’t be killed. It could die only if she passes her evil powers to someone else” 

One of the villagers said, “So you want to say that Jack is not a superhero, but he is evil. Is he the one killing our children?”

The old man replies, “I am not saying that Jack is evil. I just want to say that the evil powers are not gone yet. They are around us and all the mishappenings took place because of the evil powers”

During the meeting, they all decide to keep an eye on every movement of Jack. They noticed that most of the time Jack is missing from the village and always comes back from the forest at midnight. One day the old man went to Jack’s home and asked him for wooden logs to cook food. As Jack went to fetch the wooden logs from the store, the old man enters his room and sees the hat placed on his table. The old man comes back home without taking the wood from Jack.

At first, he thinks that he should tell the villagers about it. But there was no way he could prove it without going to Jack’s house. So, he asked a bullock cart owner to drop him at Bella’s village.

The old man rushed to see Bella. He saw that Bella was chopping vegetables in the kitchen. He called her and sat in the lobby. Bella came outside and asked the old man his name and why was he sitting in her house?

The Old man gasping for breath couldn’t say anything for the next few minutes but after that, he starts explaining that he came from Jack’s village and Jack is in trouble. So, he needs Bella’s help to save Jack and other villagers. Bella instantly says yes to the help. Her immense love for Jack was her motivation to do anything to save Jack. So, both of them rush towards Jack’s house. On the way, the old man explains the whole story to Bella and tells her the plan to save Jack. After a few minutes, they both reach Jack’s home. The old man goes back to his home and wishes her luck with the plan.

As per the plan, Bella enters Jack’s home. She sees that Jack was taking a nap. She stands beside him and gently places her hand on his forehead. Feeling a hand over his skin, Jack woke up and he felt overwhelmed to see Bella standing next to him. He hugs Bella and cries out of joy. Both of them sob together. After spending some time together, Bella asks Jack to bring some fresh vegetables so that she can cook some food for them. As Jack goes out of home, Bella rushes towards Jack’s room. She sees that hat placed on the table. She picked up the hat and ran towards the forest. As soon as Jack came back, he saw that Bella was not there. He rushed towards his room and saw that his hat was missing. He was full of anger and he rushed after Bella into the forest.

Bella reached the place where the witch turned into ashes. The old man was already standing there with a burning wooden log in his hand. As she was handing over the cap to the old man, Jack screamed from behind. He said, “My dear Bella, stop if you want me to live! Please don’t hand over the hat to the old man. If he burns the hat, I will also be turned into ashes. You will lose me forever. I don’t want to go away from you. Please let me live. I promise I won’t hurt anyone. I beg your pardon! “

Bella stops and gazes at Jack’s face with concern. While the old man assures her that nothing will happen to Jack. She gets stuck in the dilemma. Jack starts moving towards her slowly and keeps on saying that he doesn’t want to die. Bella slowly steps backward as Jack is approaching her. The old man also starts approaching Bella. Jack keeps on pleading and moving forward. He suddenly jumps over Bella and grabs the hat from her hand. Looking at this, the old man throws the burning wooden log over Jack’s hand. His hand gets burned and he throws the hat. The old man instantly pics up the burning wooden log and sets the hat on fire.

Jack screams and falls to the ground. Hearing his voice, all the villagers rushed towards the forest. Looking at his condition, Bella starts screaming loudly for help. The old man holds Jack’s hand and sings the prayers. All villagers join the old man and sing the prayers. Jack opens his eyes and asks why everyone is standing around him and who burnt his hand?

The old man says, “You are a good person But, your one mistake is responsible for all the evils. The burn on your hand is a scar of evilness. You made the mistake of visiting the forest and the villagers paid its price by losing their children. This scar will not heal until you pay for the mistake you made and for that you will help every pregnant lady with their work for the next 5 years”.

Jack starts crying. But Bella assures him that she will always stay by his side and she will marry him. Listening to this, all villagers sing the songs of happiness and joy. 

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