The Summit

Graphic by Banani Kalita

Snow-capped, pristine as the Realm above,
Glistening brightly as the Sun greets her,
Tranquil and undisturbed, pure as a dove,
Yet Chaos is not unknown to her,
As she shrouds the graves of unfulfilled dreams;
Of winning her, with her white shroud.
Her beauty, unparalleled;
Still brings suitors; beshrewed, from far and beyond.
While she looks over them, from her ivory throne.
With a teary visage, as if she mourns her loss,
Her hands in prayer, for the departed souls.
“May they find peace, Father! Like your Son in Golgotha!”

As I ascend, her tears stop,
And her eyes sparkle with Hope.
But her face remains solemn
For Providence has not been kind to her,
Happiness too; leaving her bitter.
With each step I take, the winds increase their fury,
Perplexed by my resolve, they must have thought,
Lucifer was rising again, climbing back to God.
But this was no pride but perseverance,
The quest to meet the distraught maiden.

Just one step away from Victory and Death,
Everything halted as if Nature held her breath,
Alas, I had forgotten about my mortality,
My struggle with Life ended;
But an eternity began with the Watcher.
As my last words escaped my mouth,
“Oh maiden fair, adorn your crown with my heart!
As our ways shall forever part,
Weep not for me, as I am freed,
From the tabernacle to the garden of Eden.
I must embark; His angels greet,
Thus I conquered Life, instead of the great summit.

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