As I looked around me,
Barren land was all I could see.
Beneath me, was the ground slowly crumbling,
And above, the big black clouds were grumbling.

My eyes were blinded by the heavy mist.
And from nowhere, suddenly, I felt a fist,
Inflict my empty stomach,
And I was immediately reminded of my unfortunate luck.

A rough hand then pushed me aside.
My tears were unwilling to subside,
I knew I was going to die soon,
That too, without bidding goodbye to the moon.

What a terrible way to die, I thought.
If only, some more time I had bought.
Next thing I knew, I was falling,
And loudly for help was I calling.

Still, not one soul came.
I was losing this unforeseen game.
I was placed at the mercy of the unknown,
And not even my loved ones would be able to mourn.

With a start, I was awoken.
My sleep, due to a shrill voice, was broken.
As I looked around me,
Mundane life and furniture was all I could see.

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