The Epitome Within Us

Beginning the day even before sunrise, till night draws and everyone in the house peacefully sleeps, is the everyday happening in their life. And at the end of the day, they are shot with the question, “What do you even do the whole day?” This is a highly related question asked to all those mothers who had made up the decision or were given the only choice to stay at home.

“The one, who makes sure that all are fed, the one who makes sure that the house feels like home at any time, the one who makes sure to welcome any uninvited visitors, the one who makes sure that the home is bound together. But they are also the same ones who forget their dreams, that they buried deep inside the realm of darkness.”

The thought never struck me about what my mother’s dream ever was, until I was far away from her. She never mentioned where or in what her happiness lied in. All she did was always adjust and accept what the others wanted. It was at those few instances when I started missing her, I did begin thinking about the happy moments of my mother she ever mentioned about. She always smiled throughout any situation. I can never think of an instance where she has complained about anything.

It is true that the far you are from a loved one, the closer you get to that person. We began bonding, while I was far away from home, from her!

Whenever I questioned her about what she ever wanted to be, she always ignored me with the least interest. Though the questions were never answered, there came a point where the bonding began. It gave me immense happiness when she began sharing her moments of happiness. Those moments, she wished were framed through. The closer I got to know her, the more I kept seeing the happiness on her face and the interest in sharing it. It probably was another progress from being a mother to another comfort zone that she saw between us.

Life is a complete mystery that is never under our control and so does many things happen, while we try to figure out what had happened. The stories might always seem the very same but every experience is a different sense of pain. Losing her father at an early stage, getting married, moving far away from home and family to a new one is never easy. She is a strong woman like many, who have stood up strong in any situation. She is the one who has brought her children to this world. She is the one who taught us what the world was and how to live in it.

Though I was far from her, I was strong enough to pull everything together to stay. The idea of difficulty in staying away from home or beginning a new life never struck me. Hats off to the strong women who made the strong one in me. The reason for who I am today. The reason for what I am today. The reason for what I found was special for me.

I found what was special for me. I found a best friend in my mother.

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