The Hardest Goodbye

the hardest goodbye

“See you in the next life, my girl.” And his last words still buzz in my ears, I never imagined that he would leave me so soon. Not only did I lose him that day, I lost a piece of my heart too. No matter how much I miss him but never am I going to forgive him for leaving me halfway.

I cannot forget a single day with him, from how we met to how we grew together and how we just felt that we could not survive in this evil world without each other. The thought of it fills my eyes with a pool of tears and burdens me with sad clouds.

Have you ever met someone in your life who mattered to you more than anything else in the world? Who was more important than your romantic lover or precious than all of your favourite gifts? Because I did. He was Nish, or do I say Mr. Nishkarsh Mehta, a snobby rich businessman.

Nish and I have never gotten along. It was when I was coming back home and I got my scooty punctured in the middle of the road and a car stopped by. The windows were lowered and an arrogant man started making a mockery out of me. He insulted me along with his friends and left without even asking me if I needed any help. I felt like killing him at that moment and would smash his face if I ever met him again. That’s when I knew what is called hate at first sight. But little did I know, that this same man would turn out to be the most important part of my life.

On reaching home, my mom gave me the perfect surprise. The Mehtas were our new neighbours, and my mom invited them for dinner at our place. Oh Lord! Not that face again, my heart cried. My blood started boiling thinking about it. We faced each other and faked smiles, because we knew that we couldn’t stand each other even for a moment. Days passed with a lot of arguments and fights and we hated each other a little more everyday, but things changed drastically when after a month I heard that he saved a woman, putting his life at risk and had to undergo a major operation. That was when I was both amazed and shocked, when I got to know his other side. We talked for the first time that day, and we smiled and we shared. I took care of him, but reminded him every minute that I still hated him, but I knew in my head that I didn’t anymore.

Nish and I became friends by chance and not by choice. Days passed by and we got close to each other. We were grateful for this unexpected friendship. He confessed to me about his heartbreak due to which he had a lot of trust issues and was arrogant and rude to everyone. But I knew this was not it. There was something more. After being so close to him, I knew when he lied. I didn’t force him to tell and the truth remained unsaid. Our bond became stronger with every passing day and we started counting on each other for every small and big thing in life. From studies to drives to movies to shopping, he was my partner everywhere. We shared about our crushes and boyfriends and girlfriends and he would sue anyone who would misbehave with me. Soon it happened that I couldn’t resist a day without meeting him. He became my best friend. Also the best human being I came across in my life. And I would never let go of him. Our bond was intact for the coming few years.

Two years later, one day, when I was trying to call him to give him good news about my job, I didn’t imagine that something heartbreaking was awaiting me. I called his mom to ask her why he didn’t answer my calls and she started crying. She asked me to reach the City Hospital as soon as possible. I rushed without having a second thought, leaving my interview behind. For me, nothing was more important than him. I cried all the way to the hospital, not even knowing what the actual issue was. All I knew was, my Nish wasn’t fine. I reached and saw him in the medical bed with an oxygen mask fighting his life. I got to know about the brain tumor, that he was suffering for four long years. That was the truth which remained unsaid.

I was hurt, and heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do. I was angry and wanted to scold him but I was helpless too. I couldn’t change anything. I hugged him and cried. Cried till my eyes were dried. I wasn’t able to accept that I was seeing him for the one last time. I didn’t want to live more, without him.

And he left. Yet again all my questions remained unanswered. He was no more. I couldn’t accept the fact that he was actually no more. I was shattered. I cannot describe the pain I have gone through. He was one of the reasons for me to smile everyday. He was my habit.

Even today, I didn’t overcome what has happened. I still get nightmares, after all it isn’t easy to get rid of an addiction. No matter how many people I come across, I cannot give Nish’s place to anyone in my heart. He was the closest to my heart and he still is.

Nish was and is the most precious part of my life.

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