To The One I Remember

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To the one I remember
My mind hovers over silent thoughts
And often lets go few too many.
Memories jolt me back to life, each one unfolding a
World in itself: unveiling and uncurling, like petals
of the water lily.
Of you, remain scarce reminders, blurred lines on
The papyrus, at times ceasing to make sense.
I remember, nevertheless.
I remember, in silence.

Of the ones I remember is your wild-rose scent,
Draped in the carmine red saree.
I add flower metaphors, weren’t you one?
Or were you a sonnet for the beloved?
Wrapped in melancholic couplets, distorted letters.
“Dance through a dream with me, under
The glimmering stars.”
Sway, did we? Scarce do I remember these days.
I remember, nevertheless.
I remember, in silence.

Talking bodies, vermillion lips.
Unquenched fancies of shores- adrift.
Took me to the places of The Great Unknown,
Those limestone eyes, that sea-salt smile:
broadening as the horizon of the sea. Let it be
A deliberate lullaby kept alive for my drenched
Psyche, and I will remember it as suits my pace.
For I remember, nevertheless.
I remember, in silence.

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