Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is, by now, infamous for his anti-scientific rhetoric, which compounds on his racist rhetoric as well as his multitude of untruthful statements. He continually lies to the media, even in the face of accurate facts provided to him. So, when Trump contracted the Novel Coronavirus (known as COVID-19), it divided opinions along political lines.

Trump played down the dangers of the virus for months and was aware of the various features that made it dangerous to people, more than any disease in the present time (high infection rates and air transmission being the primary concerns). So, for millions of ordinary citizens who did not follow his political ideology (the Left and the Liberals), this was a presentation of the irony of a President who has severely mismanaged the pandemic in the United States, giving close company to the horrible mismanagement by two other right-wing ruled countries: Brazil and India.

The Left has been scathing in its reply to the news of Trump testing positive for the virus, and those aligning with the Left have repeated that they will not show sympathy to a President who let nearly a quarter of a million Americans to die during the pandemic, as a result of his aforementioned anti-scientific rhetoric. The Right has lapped up whatever he has said as if he were their messiah, but the majority of people who have died as a result, are people who had right-winged beliefs. A lot of people took up his baseless claims of injecting bleach and self-medicating with hydroxychloroquine seriously, which also led to many deaths, only for him to say that he was “joking”. The news of Trump testing positive for COVID-19 certainly took the adventurousness out of them, but just like their leader, they are not taking the virus any more seriously.

There seems to be no end in sight to the political division on mask-wearing, a division caused by Trump, even when it was known that wearing a mask was scientifically proven to reduce the risk of lowering the chance of contracting the virus from someone else. There have also been contradicting reports from Walter Reed Medical Hospital, where Trump is receiving the state-of-the-art care that he was making fun of, and which is not available for any other American in the country, not even billionaires.

His doctor, Dr Conley, stated that there would be slight concerns, while Trump said he was fine and left the hospital, defying orders from doctors, which has also angered millions of Americans who would give all their money to receive the treatment that he did. People also believe that he is lying again, given that it takes 7-10 days for significant symptoms to appear.

The Liberals are divided, with many, prominent politicians, deciding to send out wishes, and many Liberal voters who think that Trump should be allowed to change, assuming mistakenly that Trump would choose to change at all. They have been called out prominently by activists for not understanding that Trump was the reason 200,000 people died in the first place, and there was no need to wish him recovery.

American citizens are tired of Donald Trump and are ready to vote him out in the coming elections in November. People are using a multitude of methods to ignore and drown any news that would give Trump any sort of exposure, with informative campaigns and posters regarding rights and information about protests related to Black Lives Matter. Trump has been a vocal critic of the movement, often comparing it to a domestic terrorist movement, but after a negligibly low number of cases sprouted during the protests for Black Lives Matter movement, it’s become clear who has created more issues for the country, and how the Trump has become the label for everything that he hated and wanted to get rid of, or what he wanted to downplay.

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