Urbanization is a concept-driven by most of the population of the world. The drift of people from a rural area to an urban area is termed as urbanization. It is often accompanied by a spectacular amount of development and growth in the city or town. It is not only a demographic movement but also shows a tremendous amount of change in the social, economic, and psychological aspects of society. Urbanization is followed by human development and growth, it also shows a rise in the population of an urbanized area.

As extensive the concept is, the more the influential state of it upsurges. A very common example of this is, a man who hunts for better opportunities for his personal growth will consciously adopt this idea and shift to a city, but a man who looks at his mate and his lavish lifestyle will come under the influence and subconsciously comprehend to this hypothesis and shift to an urbanized city.

Now, the difference lies in the perception of their minds to these ideas, the man in the first case will follow his passion and work tirelessly on it to achieve a lifestyle that he desired for. On the other hand, the man in the second case will not think of what exactly he wants in his life as the decision is taken by the subconscious state of his mind. 

Difficulties will arise when he will start facing issues with adjustment and eating habits alongside the language difference. Soon, the person will end out of his savings and begin to look for some work to do, then comes the realization that getting a job isn’t easy, competition is at its peak. Then comes the phase of sadness accompanied by missing home and depression.

So, a relative difference is recognized in these cases is that the concept of urbanization is beneficial, but the perception of the idea should be subjective. A person should consider every aspect of the situation before shifting to a new location to be able to settle in the new environment. Influence plays a major role in framing peopleโ€™s mind towards a particular aspect. People often get influenced by their friends, influencer or celebrities and dream about a porche lifestyle. Before dreaming subconsciously, they should think consciously about their dreams. 

Although urbanization is a great concept, it comes with some advantages and disadvantages too. It is commonly seen that the rate of mental disorders, depression rates, and suicide rates is very high in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Also, there is a trend of living in nuclear families in cities which vastly affects the old age people too. Their children often shift to a city and leave their parents in the villages and visit them very less. This shows a major impact on the physical and mental health of the senior citizens, caretakers are available but the happiness and love of a family canโ€™t be compensated. Moreover, as the population and growth rate rises, the amount of infrastructure isnโ€™t enough to accommodate everyone, this often leads to overcrowding of people, poverty, nutritional deficiency, and people become more prone to infections too. Another major drawback is it also poses a great threat to the environment and environmental adversities.

All of these drawbacks can be counteracted by people working in coordination with each other, also by taking care of the environment alongside keeping a check on their physical health too. The major role in this particular concept is played by influence. People must keep a tab on their subconscious and conscious decisions in life. Before taking into consideration the fact of shifting to an urbanized city, they should think, do they want this? Will this bring a substantial amount of happiness and contentment in their lives? Will they be able to manage their personal lives well? Can they adapt to the culture of that place? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then they can adapt to the culture and if it is a no, then it is the other side around. 

The idea of urbanization should not be influential, it should be intuitive.

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    Excellent article with staggering mindset .Great work Aastha!!Hoping to see more articles by your side in future.


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