Webs of Propagated Illusion: UN and NATO

Graphic by M. Shanmuga

The world consists of more than 200 countries and there are many which we don’t even have a clue about, there are some which are thousands of miles away from us and there are somewhere not all of us can go to. But there are times when many of these countries unite and stand together and the war-like situation that is looming over the world calls for the perfect opportunity to do so. But how exactly do these countries come together and come up to the same conclusion?

Well, the developed nations, the ones who can actually fund organizations like that came up with a lot of them. There are two who stood out with the Russia-Ukraine war, UN and NATO.

With Ukraine converting into a war zone and the dictatorial motives of Russia being clearly orchestrated by the media all around the world, there are a lot of terminologies going around. Be it Russia’s threat to Ukraine to not join NATO or US-UN meddling with the affairs between the countries. But what role do these organizations play? or more precisely what’s the reality behind these ‘so-called’ for the greater good establishments.

Before addressing the elephant in the room, let’s understand what do these organizations do and how they do it and why does it concern us?

UN The United Nations, as the name calls out a peace treaty between nations. This was made to maintain peace and security among nations and achieve international cooperation. As world war II was about to end, the world was in tatters and everyone needed a way out of this violence so 50 governments from all over the world gathered in San Francisco to establish a peaceful charter to avoid bilateral disputes between countries escalating and leading to another world war. UN had one job, to maintain peace between nations. Did it work though? 

Now, coming to NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It’s a military alliance among 30 countries of the North Atlantic European Region which constitutes a system of mutual defense and security in response to an attack by any external party. This was also established after WWII as a resort to protect and guard the member nations, which includes the United States, UK, Germany, Canada, Spain, etc. It was primarily enacted to fight the threat that was the Soviet Union and now NATO conducts leadership operations in countries like Afghanistan and Kosovo and also helps strengthen the military capabilities of the nations like Iraq. And with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO has again entered the picture with Putin’s being against the idea of adding Ukraine as a member of NATO. There are several underlying reasons for that but that’s not the point we are getting that.

With all the news that’s floating around, we have already made Russia and Putin a villain and that is done rightfully so because harming the civilians isn’t right on humanitarian grounds. But when one becomes a villain, the other comes up as a hero without any objections and that is what’s happening with NATO and the UN.

There are many loopholes out here that we are missing out on. Being part of the surface web audience, we only get to know the good or the censored side of things but what’s the reality behind these good for the world organizations.

First of all, the UN is mostly influenced by the developed nations and would most likely make a decision in the favor of those countries which can provide them with the necessary funds and resources. Countries like Russia and China that don’t align with their motives are outcasted and projected as a traitor by the international media because they can make them out to be a villain and get the sympathy of the world and other nations.

They can’t take any action towards them but they sure can project them in a bad light to harm their reputation amongst other nations.

With NATO, there are only a few countries that are a part of it, and attacking one of them would lead to a war and the attacking nation won’t survive. They are trying to establish a monopoly where they can get the resources to benefit from the members and enjoy the privilege.

They control the trade and other relations that are formed by the member nations with the non-members.

It has always been about who has the most power and who will come out victorious at the end. 

The developed countries like the US, UK, and others want capitalization where they can source out the maximum benefits whereas countries like Russia and China want extreme supremacy and domination. But influencing other nations by coming up with organizations like the UN and NATO that just work as a mediator of the developed nations’ agenda on the others isn’t the right way. 

They are just forcing their opinions and their goals on others which not only suppresses those nations but also contributes to losing their chance of becoming developed.

These organizations just force the non-members and members who aren’t so well-off to feel burdened and take the necessary instructed steps given by the ones in authority.

So we find ourselves stuck in a dilemma on who to trust? Because the sole organizations made for the purpose of peace, unity, and protection hide their ulterior motives of domination and exploitation underneath a veil of “we know better”. The facade that the developing nations are made to believe, the forced agendas that are being circulated by these US-UK centered media platforms, and the so-called advancement with which they have continued to suppress us for more than 100 years,  nothing comes close to how they have led a small country into a warzone just for their own benefit and schemes.

 In the end, All we can wish for is a better world where the world leaders won’t be biased, where a nations’ sanity won’t be compromised and no innocent civilian would lose their lives because of some treaties and sanctions that didn’t work out between the governments of some developed nation. And pray that one becomes a scapegoat between the developed countries’ wrath and personal retribution, just like Ukraine had to.

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