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I’ve always taken to writing and journaling in my free time or when I felt extra down. Lately, during quarantine, it seemed pretty frequent and unlikely of me, I started logging into a diary almost every day. One phrase that has always stuck with me throughout journaling, “Paper is more patient than people,” by Anne Frank. When people are stuck between what to say and how to express what they feel they usually turn to people who they expect will understand them or at the least, try their best to. If maybe that specific someone was the only person they could turn to and was busy or neglected due to personal problems then the only corner they could run to would-be patient paper. The thing about journaling is that it helps the overflow of thoughts and emotions. 

Media, in general, helps convey messages through pictures/videos when words fail to express. Sometimes hitting the sentiments of people in sorts of relativity or relatability, some personal works in journalism and media are always revered. The media plays a vital role in a democratic society. Journalism is for the ‘voice of a voiceless’- expressing the opinions of all those in our society. It’s like a bridge between the authorities and people. Therefore its primary purpose is to make sure all citizens are aware of their rights. The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments. During the pandemic, there were some instances that social media was used as a source to get justice for minorities racially and religiously as well as bases of rape. A disadvantage to media being such a large platform to the masses would be the false information and accusations that can be uploaded without any proof and still go viral with the support of their audience. This way, people can get defamed and scandalized due to the hate or negative attention they receive due to the circulation of false information which mostly causes mass hysteria. 

Journalism and media is a fabulous platform for small businesses and creators during this quarantine to get that reach that they need to sustain their business. Online network marketing has had a lot of engagement in the past few months of covid. Even big businesses have reached out to the smallest content creators and influencers to represent and promote their brands and products. This is very effective for online shopping, staying in the confines of your home, and getting a great opinion and real views on products that consumers want to buy. Being able to put your thoughts into words and beautifully construct each phrase and building paragraphs is an art. Interdisciplinary journalling welcomes contributions addressing media and society since the fifteenth century to the present. It explores all forms of serial publication in manuscript, print, and electronic media and encourages work that crosses the boundaries of politics, culture, and communications. Media has the ability to reach the masses, therefore, communicating subjective messages to a higher and more targeted audience. 

The future of journalism and media is based on the creative ideas and originality of those authors with their thoughts at their fingertips. Creating more media and writing out almost anything will preserve a moment in time for the future to read. Current works will be looked at as the past and based on that we can retrieve factual information. As the cycle of time moves on continuously, heartfelt pieces turn into something to be looked upon. Anne Frank didn’t expect to be published and yet she wrote in her diary and is now world-renowned. 

Journalism opens new windows of opportunity to the young in their starting years of creativity. To find something to do with their time rather than trying to fit in with the extroverts, the more secluded part of the society flourishes under literature. As for the old and retired, passing their time in writing a book may be on days they wish to cherish or dedicated to a certain person they wished was still with them. Somehow, all works of literature whether it be accounts, advertisements, articles, essays, and even personal pieces everything goes into creating a past. We use our continuous present or recent past to create lasting memories or important logs that need not be forgotten. 

The future for journalism goes deep into the base with its past and origin. If the author did not experience what he wrote or was not inspired by an epiphany he had overnight then the probability for him to write his overwhelmed thoughts in his peak hours would be a steep one. The world is ever-changing with people who have countless stories to share and limitless discoveries to come across. We will always have something that catches our eyes and occupies our minds enough to document and write about. It’s the time we put in and the effort with which we persevere that makes each piece of work special. 

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