Writing is defined as a medium of human expression that involves the representation of a language with written symbols. But writing can have a different meaning and purpose for different people. To me, writing is a stress buster. Since my childhood, my diary has been my best friend.

Being an introvert, I was never able to express myself to anyone. My emotions kept finding a way to come out and then writing came as a rescue. Writing about my day was a mandatory evening chore. With soothing lo-fi music on my phone and pen in my hand, I think that was the most peaceful time of my day. I grew up writing daily journals. Every new year means that a new diary is waiting for me. But, it’s always difficult to say goodbye to the old one! So, a tight hug and a kiss on the diary was my way to bid adieu. 

As I grew up, writing became an occasional event. When I felt too happy, angry, anxious, or got butterflies in my stomach, only then I’d open my diary and write. But, then a mishap changed my life forever. I lost the most precious person in my life and I was depressed for a whole year. I tried relying on friends, sleeping pills, painting, exercising, and everything possible but nothing helped!

Then, I started writing my pain and grief in the form of poems. That was the time when I wrote about the most heartbreaking moments of my life. At that time, I felt that writing is like puking the undigested moments of life and I always felt better after writing.

Writing worked as a lifesaving skill for me. There is always a time when nobody can understand you, but your diary will always understand.

My habit of writing made me realize that I am unknowingly keeping a written record of my life. This made me think that I can use this record for my own improvement. If something bad or good happens in my life, I go back to the same day of last year to check if I was happy or sad. This motivates me to do better in my life because I don’t want to see unhappy moments in my diary next year.

After recovering, I started writing stories related to daily life events, my interests, wishes, and sometimes, it’s just an imagination. I think that the world is different for every set of eyes. For example, rain can symbolize sadness to one person but joy to another, and it can be nasty to someone else. So, I would end by saying that writing brought out the best in me, and to me, writing is not just a hobby, but a soul recharging therapy. 

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