Xenophobia: A Surge or An Urge in Life

In a world full of perceptions and judgements, the rising of a constructive outlook will always pave your way through in life. Either it will be a strong character build-up or a restless desire of a forced circumstantial life.         

As the name suggests, “Xeno” is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “stranger” or “foreigner” and “Phobia” referring to “Fear”. In its simplified form, it can be stated as the fear of something or someone who is different from us. The word Phobia or Fear concerning the above caters to a much broader picture and meaning. The fear of foreigners ranges from various forms of discrimination, strong disliking, bias, displeasure, racism, enmity, preconceptions, or injustice.

Xenophobia can be understood in comparison with a small child when brought up between people. The intimidated reactions a child has to places, people, and situations around lead to the fear and the comfort zones, a child develops. The psychological analysis and molding of a mind begin from here to shape better thoughts and the identity of an individual. So, Xenophobia roots back in time but, today it has stemmed out as a negative aspect of a person. It may not be considered as a mental disorder but surely, a psychiatrist or a psychologist is the need of the hour for the situation.

This situation roots out of a superiority complex believing that their world, culture, and actions way above the others. It may arise from a personal conflict to a politically fuelled scenario i.e., occurring worldwide these days. The history of xenophobic attitudes ranges back to the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations who claimed their superiority one over the other. To the present, the situation holds the same for foreigners and immigrants in various countries who face the wrath of discrimination.

Xenophobia is classified into diverse forms since history and is interpreted according to different levels of psychological aspects. The effects of such a situation affect a person at an individual level whether in case of employment opportunities, education system, or basic healthcare needs. Affecting the psychology of an individual is its background and culture which shape the mindset of a person. Another most important factor being the monetary benefits, which inculcates superiority in an individual and hence, the perceptions.

At the political level, numerous instances have occurred worldwide to the present situations depicting Xenophobia in action. The Holocaust of World War II aims to exterminate the Jewish people due to their religious beliefs and practices. Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians were segregated from the larger population, losing basic rights and liberties during World War II. Xenophobic hate crimes committed against people from India occurred in Australia during 2009. To the current situation in 2020, with the occurrence of Covid-19 in China, xenophobia campaigns against Asians occurred in many locations throughout the world.

The only way out to such a situation is to be less finical and be accepting of people and opportunities to broaden the horizons of experience. In today’s fast-paced digital world, let’s make an effort to cross boundaries rather than making one.

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